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What Are The Materials For Window Stickers?
Sep 03, 2018

Window stickers are basic materials including TPR, PET, polyester cloth and so on. It is suitable for smooth flat decoration such as home window glass, office partition glass, air conditioner, refrigerator, file cabinet, etc. It can play the role of blocking sight, soft light environment and beautifying decoration. It can block up to 79% in summer for light blocking and heat insulation. The sun is hot, and the winter can keep the indoor warmth, save energy, and block 90% of harmful ultraviolet rays! It is worth noting that when the glass is broken by external force, the spattered pieces are very easy to injure, but the substrate of the cellophane film is a tough PVC material, which is compounded with a special adhesive and attached to the inner surface of the window glass in the glass. It constitutes an "invisible tough barrier" to prevent damage from natural disasters and thieves, reduce personal injury and protect property. It is an ideal sticky note to replace curtains, replacing curtains for an ideal modern home.

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