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Wallpaper Needs Attention
Sep 03, 2018

1. The room after the wallpaper has been laid should be closed, and dried in the shade, because the room immediately after the wallpaper has been ventilated will cause the wallpaper to curl and drum.

2. After the wallpaper is finished for 3 days, the wallpaper glue left at the seam of the wallpaper should be gently wiped with a damp towel.

3, the wallpaper is more scrub resistant, but not resistant to blunt bumps, if you find the surface of the small damage, you can use the color of the paint or paint to remedy.

4, non-embossed wallpaper, just use a feather duster to clean on weekdays.

5, hit the wet weather, try to close the doors and windows, to protect the wallpaper from moisture.

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