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Sep 03, 2018

1, the use of surface materials: mold paper, coated paper (shading / mirror), transparent PVC, electrostatic PVC, polyester PET, laser paper, temperature paper, PP, PC, kraft paper, fluorescent paper, thermal paper, copper wire dragon , silver silk, gold-plated paper, silver-plated paper, synthetic paper (CPC/PP/HYL/good tough/pearl paper), aluminum foil, fragile (anti-counterfeit) paper, textured paper, cloth label (Tavik / Nylon), pearl dragon, sandwich copper plate, thermal paper.

2, the use of film: transparent PET, translucent PET, transparent OPP, translucent OPP, transparent PVC, light white PVC, matt white PVC, synthetic paper, light gold (silver) polyester, matt gold (silver ) Polyester.

3, the use of glue type: general super-adhesive type, general-purpose strong-adhesive type, refrigerated food strong-adhesive type, general re-opening type, fiber re-opening type.

4. Use bottom paper: white, blue, yellow glassine paper (or garlic paper), kraft paper, polyester PET, coated paper, polyethylene.

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