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Self-adhesive Wallpaper Use
Sep 03, 2018

1. In order to achieve the desired effect, the product must be applied to the surface of a smooth object. The surface of the wall must be dry and free from mold, oil or other dirt. If you want to stick the wallpaper on a rough surface, the first step should be to sand it with sandpaper and wash it with water or a neutral detergent to avoid affecting the use.

2. Cut the size of the product according to the size of the surface of the object you are attaching. It is better to leave a margin of about 5 cm.

3. Peel off the film and the bottom paper. One hand pulls the film forward, and the other hand flattens the film surface from the middle to the sides. It is easier to level with a soft cloth.

4. At the beginning of the post, it is recommended that the Amoy friends stick down the wall from top to bottom, gently accumulating bubbles and wrinkles from the middle to the sides, large bubbles, can be pierced with a needle to squeeze out the air.

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