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How Long Does Self-adhesive Wallpaper Generally Last?
Sep 03, 2018

1. Look at the quality of the wallpaper

In fact, regardless of the material, the good quality of life will certainly be longer, and wallpaper is no exception. Under normal circumstances, if the owners buy a large brand of wallpaper, then its service life is at least five years. However, if you buy a self-adhesive wallpaper with a brand name, then its service life will be much lower.

2. Look at the location of the post

How long does self-adhesive wallpaper generally last? In fact, the life of self-adhesive wallpaper and the location of the stickers are also closely related. Under normal circumstances, if the wallpaper is not wet and the location is suitable, then it can be used for about two years. If it is a good quality wallpaper, its service life is more than five years. However, when the owners themselves stick the wallpaper, the flatness of the wall must be controlled. If conditions permit, they can be polished and then attached.

3. Precautions

Nowadays, the general wallpaper is posted by the seller of wallpaper, that is, the door-to-door service by the master. However, if you buy wallpapers from the Internet, in order to protect you from nothing, you can personally go to the market to invite professional masters, because they can handle your wall well, thus increasing the life of the wallpaper.

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