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Why do self-adhesive wallpapers have mold and curl problems?
Sep 03, 2018

1. The wallpaper is mildewed. In many cases, the wallpaper itself is not mildewed, but the wall on the back of the wallpaper is watery, damp, and mildewed. This situation is more likely to occur near wallpapers such as window sills, balconies, kitchens, etc. This is the basic reason for the mildew of the wallpaper, and it is also the first problem to be solved. Therefore, the kitchen with a lot of water, the balcony, etc. must be made of a basic waterproof layer. The conventional wall must also be walled before the self-adhesive wallpaper. Body treatment.

2, the wallpaper is moldy, curled, on the other hand, the wallpaper comes with the back glue to blame. In the current decoration market, many consumers use starch glue, glutinous rice glue and other wallpaper adhesives to lay wallpaper. Starch glue wallpaper, often need to add glue to improve the bonding strength, in addition to formaldehyde and other toxic substances, the glue is reduced to non-sticky material when water, easy to cause wall uplift; and glutinous rice glue itself is easy to mold, it increases the wallpaper The probability of mold, since wallpaper glue is also a common cause of mold on the wallpaper.

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