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Wallpaper cleaning and maintenance methods
Sep 03, 2018

Use wallpaper to ensure that the wallpaper is dry and will not be prone to cracking, so you should pay attention to indoor ventilation during the day; avoid hot air against the wallpaper, which will easily cause the wallpaper to crack or change color, so do not use the heating directly in the winter. Blowing against the wallpaper; within a month after the wallpaper is laid, the difference in room temperature should not be too large. If the temperature difference is too large, it will easily cause the wallpaper to crack; do not use the sharp corner of the table or chair to face the front, so It is easy to break the wallpaper and affect the overall appearance; if there is blistering, curling, etc., you can use a special wallpaper glue to brush the rupture surface of the wallpaper, and then scrape the glue; also pay attention to the daily cleaning wallpaper, if If you don't clean the wallpaper for a long time, it will easily lead to the wallpaper being too dark, so that it will become very troublesome when you clean it.

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