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Teach you how to separate wallpaper and color film
Sep 03, 2018

The difference is as follows: the color film is made of pure plant fiber and edible plant hydrosol raw material, which can be used on floor tiles, furniture, glass, various countertops and household appliances. It can be adhered in the form of simple and convenient film, and The film is drawn by the artist on the spot. It does not crack and is not easy to crack, and the effect is natural. The wallpaper is prone to cracking. If cracking occurs, it needs to be re-posted, which takes time and costs.

The second difference: the color film can be said to be an upgraded version of the wallpaper, with a variety of fancy patterns, can be widely used in glass, flooring, furniture, electrical appliances, rough wall, and wallpaper can only be used for wall decoration, Therefore, the difference between the two products in terms of use is also very obvious.

The difference is three: the requirements of the two products on the wall are different. The wallpaper has higher requirements on the wall. It is necessary to apply a layer of varnish and a layer of sticky glue on the wall before the wallpaper can be attached. The membrane is easy to use, does not require shovel wall to move the soil, and does not need to be treated on the base layer, as long as it can be used directly on a flat concrete wall.

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