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Is PVC self-adhesive wallpaper harmful?
Sep 03, 2018

PVC self-adhesive wallpaper is made of PVC. Although it contains chlorine, it will not be released under normal use. Therefore, it can be used with confidence. In addition, PVC self-adhesive wallpaper has many advantages and is affordable. Very good resistance to grease and moisture, widely used in kitchens and sanitary homes, suitable for all home decoration, and a wide range of applications, whether it is wall, furniture, glass, ceramics, etc., as long as the surface Flat, no dust can be attached, suitable for environmentally friendly non-toxic plastic, easy to stick, with strong sound absorption, moisture, anti-virus, durable, easy to clean, and PVC self-adhesive wallpaper purchase Flexible, how much to buy, no waste or insufficient materials.

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