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How to tear off self-adhesive wallpaper
Sep 03, 2018

1. Because of the self-adhesive wallpaper, the amount of glue we used at that time is definitely relatively large, so it is much more sticky than ordinary wallpaper, so it can't be directly torn off by hand.

2. So we have to prepare the following materials to tear off the self-adhesive wallpaper, prepare a more absorbent roller, a plastic basin, a pot of hot water, and a small shovel.

3. First, we first use the roller to fill the hot water, and then roll it all over the self-adhesive wallpaper. Then we use a knife to make a few knives on the wallpaper, which is good for moisture.

4. Then we roll over the wallpaper with a roller, then wait for ten minutes, then we will use the shovel to rub the wallpaper with the right hand in the left hand. If there is a sticky place, shovel it, and some places can also blow it with a hair dryer. The wallpaper just got torn off.

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