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How to install the glass sticker bathroom window?
Sep 03, 2018

First, prepare for the preliminary work, the first is to prepare the filming tools, such as tape measure, small wallpaper knife, watering can, water scraping, squeezing water, no horse riding, large hairless towels and other tools, and then measure the size of the glass, The size of the cut glass film should match the size of the glass to avoid being too wasteful. Secondly, if you want to make the film quality and effect more perfect, you must first spray the glass environment that needs to be filmed to reduce the dust, so that you can have a good dust-free environment when you stick the film.

Second, the degree of glass cleaning, first under the glass to be cleaned, the large towel can not be washed, so as not to let the water flow to the outside to bubble the wall surface, glass cleaning is the most important step in the film, the glass cleaning is clean or not with the glass film The quality is related.

Third, paste the glass film, first spray some water on the front and back sides of the glass film, it is easy to remove the adhesion on the glass film caused by static electricity, then peel off the plastic film on the cut glass film, spray water, paste in On the glass, then squeeze the water out from top to bottom, and then cut off the extra side.

Fourth, check the paste quality, when the glass film is pasted, you should carefully check the paste quality of the glass film to see if there are corners are not firm, whether there are bubbles, whether there are wrinkles and other problems. When it is determined that there are no problems, it is considered complete construction.

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