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Deep embossed wallpaper product performance
Sep 03, 2018

The deep embossed wallpaper adopts the precision sleeve overprinting process, which can get rid of the glue texture of ordinary PVC wallpaper; soft fabric texture, precise and perfect overprinting effect, soft color and no color difference, giving the wall a smart vitality.

The deep embossed wallpaper adopts environmentally-friendly high-quality wood pulp bottom paper and water-based ink printing process to ensure that there is no odor and meets environmental protection standards. When the open flame is slow, it is not easy to produce dripping and dripping, and it has strong safety.

The deep embossed wallpaper shows good water resistance, scratch resistance and stain resistance, which can provide users with long-lasting decorative space and also reduce the difficulty of taking care of the living environment. Breathability is not ideal, which puts high demands on the process of posting wallpapers. It should be flattened as much as possible to avoid air bubbles during construction. At the same time, the walls should not be too moist to avoid mildew during use.

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